mar 13, 2011

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Dolce & Gabbana – Skapar Tarot parfym

Dolce & Gabbanas parfym kollektion ”Fragrance Anthology” har hämtat inspiration från Tarot. Varje parfym (för närvarande totalt sex olika dofter) i kollektionen har titel, nummer och karaktär baserat på Tarot. Coolt va?

  • 1. Le Bateleur – Förföraren (Magikern)
  • 3. L’Impératrice – Stjärnan (Kejsarinnan)
  • 18. La Lune – Drömmaren (Månen)
  • 6. l’Amoureux – Charmören (De älskande)
  • 10. La Roue de la Fortune – Playern (Lyckohjulet)
  • 11. La Force – Doern (Styrkan)

I en intervju på Elle Magazine berättar Domenico Dolce och Stefano Gabbana mer om kollektionen och dess Tarottema (mycket intressant för en Tarotnörd som jag):

ELLE: Are you big into tarot card readings?
Domenico Dolce: Tarots tell different sides of the various personalities that exist in all of us. I find it fascinating how they combine names, images, and numbers. You don’t need to be able to read them, or know their real meaning, to be charmed.
Stefano Gabbana: I’ve never used them. But so many people ask about them and love them.

ELLE: How did you pick these five cards?
DD: They evoke the ideas we wanted to express: the seducer, the diva, the romantic, the dreamer, and the risk-taker are all part of everybody’s character. The most interesting aspect of this collection is that idea of freedom of choice, something that doesn’t chain you to a personality, but asks you: Who do you want to be today?
SG: Fragrance for us is like a dress. You can change your fragrance. You can be someone during the day and a different person at night. When you create just one fragrance, you have to concentrate on only one thing, which can be difficult sometimes.

ELLE: Of the five, which is your favorite?
SG: I use La Roue de la Fortune, because I love patchouli.
DD: It’s like choosing among your children. You love them all for different reasons.

ELLE: You sound like good parents. But be honest: Who would you take to a party on a Friday night?
DD: Maybe L’Impératrice or Le Bateleur. Or the two together…

ELLE: What are your strongest scent memories?
SG: I have a terrace with 15 kinds of roses, and the smell is amazing. My favorite is the lilac rose. It smells like a lemon. To me, flowers are happiness.
DD: There are so many, but my favorite scent memory is the scent of the Sicilian sea.

ELLE: You’ve cast three of the original supermodels—Naomi, Claudia, and Eva—for your campaign.
SG: The supermodel is the supermodel. Like Marilyn Monroe is Marilyn Monroe. Naomi is Naomi and no one is like her. If you ask a 14-year-old girl, she will know who Naomi, Claudia, and Eva are.

Jag äger nummer 3 L’Imperatrice (Kejsarinnan) och älskar den!

  1. Jag har också L’Imperatrice, doftar supergott. 🙂 Den håller tyvärr inte så länge på mig… Men himla roligt att de valde att bli inspirerade av tarot!

  2. Håller med om att doften på L’Imperatrice inte håller länge. Synd på en så god parfym. Har du testat någon av de andra i samma kollektion?

  3. Nej, faktiskt inte, föll inte riktigt för dem… La Lune är väl den jag tycker doftar godast efter L’Imperatrice. 🙂

  4. shnygg design du har 🙂 diggar barunder otroligt mycket 🙂

  5. Tack Elinor! Kul att du gillar det…

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