okt 22, 2012

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De svar man behöver höra är inte alltid de svar man önskar…

Jag bestämde mig för att dra ett ”dagens kort” från den vackra orakelleken ”Oracle of Shadows & Light” av Lucy Cavendish.

Kortet jag fick var nummer 28,  ”Death and the Maiden”.

Det gav mig verkligen något att tänka på och eftersom jag tycker kortets innebörd kan vara nyttigt för alla att reflektera över väljer jag att dela med mig här.

I den medföljande boken ges följande ”divination message” av kortet:

”There is a very out-of-balance realtionship between yourself and another at this time. It may be that you are Death, taking too much and imposing on another, and all the while blind as this skeleton to the truth. Or it may be that you are the Maiden, and have no defences against another who is draining you, claiming all the while to love you. You may have been drawn into the drama and colour and entertainment of a relationship that is full of ”high and lows” and passion, but you are now discovering that it is tiring, draining, and lacking in respect. It is time to truthfully assess this relationship, and take steps to be safer, more protected, and more respected. Do not attempt to convince ”Death” of their problems: they will only draw closer, cling harder, and convince you that you have a problem – not them! You may feel fear as to what they will do once you seperate from them, as they are vindictive and malicious. Freedom is worth the trial of seperating! Ask yourself, is this relationship healthy for me? If the anser is no, then you must take steps to go”.

Källa: Oracle of Shadows and Light Guidebook, Lucy Cavendish

För er som blir nyfikna på Oracle of Shadows and Light finns mer information här:  Blue Angel Publishing.

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